It’s crunch time!


In case you missed it, Daniel and I got married on October 26th!

Meanwhile at the house, work is going full speed ahead with the hopes of being move in ready around the middle of December.  The existing wood flooring has been reinstalled, sheetrock has been primed and painted, tile is about 90% complete and windows, doors and shutters are all being installed.

We will take the time to touch on each of these in more detail, but wanted to share some images of one ongoing project – the stair wall.

Since we take a lot of pride in the reuse of materials from the house, it seemed a waste to trash the exterior siding that was not fit for repair.  The most eye catching thing about the original house was its gray earthy tone – a result of a heavily weathered light blue paint combined with the natural aged tones of the wood.  We decided that the interior stair wall was a good place to install the siding – to give the house some texture to contrast with the new stark white walls.

We first installed a 1/4″ layer of OSB sheathing painted black – so any nail holes or splits in the siding would not be visible.  We then installed the skirt board at the stair and small trim pieces at the each end wall to terminate the siding.  The siding itself is installed flat instead of lapped, which gives it a more contemporary look.

Here are some progress shots:

OSB sheets pre-painted.

OSB sheets pre-painted.

Makeshift scaffolding to access the walls and ceiling.

Makeshift scaffolding to access the walls and ceiling.

OSB installed.
OSB install...

OSB install…

Siding terminates into skirt board.Siding terminates into skirt board.

Nice patina, don't you think?

Nice patina, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, Daniel has been working to make the stair treads out of the salvaged floor joists and compiling all the hardware we need to make the doors and windows function.  We will do a post to focus solely on the hardware since it has been difficult to find good affordable solutions that work with the historic doors and windows.

photo 3-3

I have been focused on ordering all of our light and plumbing fixtures – no small task!  I also spent the day yesterday priming our craigslist kitchen cabinets to get them ready for a new paint job.

Hard wood cabinets - two coats of white primer.

Hard wood cabinets – two coats of white primer.

Next week the exterior of the house will be painted, all electrical fixtures and switch plates installed and the floors will receive an initial finish coat.

We picked the blue on the left but didn't like the green.  Still working on a shutter color.

We picked the blue on the left but didn’t like the green. Still working on a shutter color.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “It’s crunch time!

  1. glad to see an read your progress ..congrats on the wedding ..a couple that survives remodeling ..will probably last awhile ..liked the use of old exterior siding on stairway good luck in getting in by end of dec..were almost done on inside of our pauger outpost my how we’ve used our salvaged wood pile ..we agree with you ..bring that patina inside ..glenn an savanah

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