It’s official, our house is old.

Since we began this renovation, we’ve had quite a few people stop by to salvage items.  By far the most interesting and informative are the crew that have been looking for old bottles over the last couple of weeks.  Old bottles can be very valuable for collectors and tell a lot about the history of a place.

The team starts by probing the back yard to find evidence of an old latrine, usually at the furthest point from the house in the back yard.  When the probe turns up evidence of glass, they dig a larger hole and extract all the glass.

Up until this point, the oldest record we knew of with the house was a purchase record from around 1880.  However, our research suggested that barge board creole cottages were prevalent in the early part of the century and so we used 1850’s as an approximate date on our tax credit application.  Here are some photos of the bottle extraction process with wine bottle seals dated as far back as 1834.







So current research suggests the house is at least 180 years old!


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