Team Demo

To get the project started off with a bang, we decided to spend the weekend emptying all of the old furniture out of the house and take down the existing sheetrock and plaster.  Plaster is a wet applied mixture of lime with sand or cement that was used before the advent of sheetrock and requires horizontal boards (lath) as a structural backing for application.  The sheetrock was added at a later date, probably to hide imperfections in the plaster as a result of moisture intrusion.  Since all of the wall finishes were damaged, they had to come out.  This is typical in most renovations to start with a clean slate – it also gives you access to your wall cavity that you would not have otherwise.  We plan to use the lath in a creative way later in the project – it is nice looking, old growth wood that shouldn’t go to waste.

A big shout out and thank you to all the people who helped this weekend.  Lots of dust and blisters but also a lot of laughs.

From left to right: Sunny, Morgan, Daniel, Megan, Kelly, & Joshua

From left to right: Sunny, Morgan, Daniel, Megan, Kelly, & Joshua

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

Sunny "Chainsaw" Summers

Sunny “Chainsaw” Summers

Girls will be girls...

Girls will be girls…

Boys will be boys...

Boys will be boys…

The soon to be master suite, previously an inaccessible attic.  Those chairs probably date back to the 1800's.

The soon to be master suite, previously an inaccessible attic. Those chairs probably date back to the 1800’s.


group shot part II featuring Dallas Rolnick.

group shot part II featuring Dallas Rolnick.

And finally some before and after photos:




6 thoughts on “Team Demo

  1. I am one of the great granddaughters of the original occupants, my great grandma and grandpa Guglielmo. Although my great grandpa passed away before I was born, we did spend many days (and nights) with my grandma Guglielmo in the house. I am so grateful that you have seen the potential in the house and are restoring it. I was there right after the last uncle passed away and we went through the house. To see what it was and to see your plans just makes me so happy! The house was filled many times with loud Italian cousins and aunts and uncles, all talking over each other. I have fond memories of playing hopscotch in the back and sitting with my grandma watching the Lawrence Welk show in the ‘dining room’. We never ventured into the ‘parlor’ and the old building out back was off limits, as well. My cousin and I once removed a loose brick from the back yard wall and buried some ‘treasure’. The smell of basil today still brings me back to my grandma’s garden. There are also stories of ghosts (friendly, of course) and I can attest to one encounter myself when I spent the night there as a young girl. Several members of the family lived within two blocks of the house and many days it would be the impromptu gathering spot. I have some photos of family members in front of the house and one somewhere of my grandma on the front ‘stoop’ if you are interested.
    Your plans are amazing and I will follow your blog to see the progress. Perhaps if there is a chance for us to visit and see the property in the future, you would grant us that. Thank you for saving such a wonderful old property!
    Cheryl Purcell Gianforte (grand daughter of Nancy (Nuncia) Guglielmo, one of the daughters raised in the house)

  2. Cheryl – we can’t tell you how excited we are to have you follow the blog and share memories. We’ve had a wonderful time getting to know Wanda and Shelly and hearing stories about Mama Joe. I will share your comment again in a future blog post and hope that you share stories anytime they come to mind. If you are living in New Orleans – we would be thrilled to get together and hear more about the history of the home and your family tree. We find it all so interesting and definitely cherish the spirit the house holds. Any pictures would be great – my email is nolameg at We plan to have a garden and chickens in the back yard. Please feel welcome to come by anytime and we’d be happy to have a get together when it’s finished for any family members that would like to see it. Thanks again!!!

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