Our house is a very very fine house…



Daniel standing in front the house at 1209 Touro Street in February of this year.  He first noticed the house while walking Napoleon last Spring, two blocks from our current apartment.  The house was still in the name Guisseppi Guglielmo, purchased on September 25, 1928 (cost unknown).  Guisseppi’s last surviving son had been living in the house until he passed away in early 2012 and a neighbor put us in touch with one of the grandchildren.  While they were very interested in selling the house, they had a long road ahead of them in contacting distant family members to proceed with the succession.  The title documents were wrapped up in December of last year and the current closing date for us to purchase the house is set for May 9, 2013 – Daniel’s 28th birthday.

We wanted to create a blog about this house for two reasons – to act as a resource for others interested in restoring a historic house and to tell stories about the family that were tied to this home for nearly 100  years.  We will have posts about everything from the joys of construction financing to lighting selections, with all the technical discussions in between.  And we will tell you all we can about Mama Joe and the years when ten children grew up within these walls.

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Our house is a very very fine house…

  1. Hurry up and take some pictures of the inside!!! And I want to see where some of those kids wrote on the walls. (all kids do that at some point)

  2. So did you guys do a 203k loan on the house? Beginning the process myself for a house(hopefully) a few blocks from you!

    • Michelle, We did a more traditional 20% down construction loan. We went through a couple different banks and would definitely recommend Gulf Coast. Where is the house you are looking to buy?

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